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Extreme Safety is an organisation that is able to deliver quality Occupational Safety and Health Services to the construction, commercial, manufacturing, government, mining, petrochemical and industrial sectors in the Southern Africa market. Extreme Safety specializes in the development, implementation and maintenance of Compliance Systems. Currently based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Extreme Safety is in the process of expansion branching out into Gauteng and Western Cape in the near future.


Extreme Safety, established in 2007, is a Health and Safety Consultancy Company founded by Tony and Grant Leibbrandt. The late Tony Leibbrandt dedicated his life to his children, one of which is Grant Leibbrandt. Tony, with 11 years’ experience came from a mining background and previously worked on for Sahara Projects, Tekweni Air and Airvent.  Tony, nicknamed the “LEGEND”, possessed such a passion for bringing health and safety onto sites for all the projects he worked on. Tony developed great working relationships with his customers, peers and fellow safety colleagues and has left a lasting legacy in the industry. He devoted his time in assisting many construction sites and work force to establish a safer working environment. Extreme Safety continues to bring quality and efficient service to their growing customer base, inspired by the legacy and passion of “LEGEND” Tony Leibbrandt to honor him.